Finding The Best Kitchen Cutlery

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If you are looking to have a truly professional kitchen at home you need the very finest kitchen cutlery. There are almost as many knife manufacturers as there are knives and selecting decent kitchen cutlery can seem like a total nightmare. That is where I come in. I have years of experience as a chef and have tried just about every knife you can think of. For me my favorite kitchen cutlery are the products offered from Cutco.

Why Are Cutco Knives The Best Kitchen Cutlery Available?

There are many kitchen supplies that you can choose out there, but when it comes to knives Cutco stands alone. They have been manifesting the highest quality knives for over 60 years. In order to truly appreciate how great their kitchen cutlery is you need to have a bit of background on the company.

Cutco can trace the roots of its company back to the famous skilled craftsman of England’s Sheffield cutlery industry in the late 1800s. These craftsmen immigrated to Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania. Cutco was founded in 1948 as a new product for Wear Ever Aluminum which was a subsidiary of Alcoa. The name of the new kitchen cutlery was derived from the Cooking Utensil Company, or CUTCO. This company was started with input from the finest craftsman in the United States. Case Cutlery was commissioned to manufacture a new cutlery line. The first set of kitchen cutlery was completed in 1949, and the rest as they say is history.

One of the hallmarks of the Cutco set of kitchen cutlery is the craftsmanship of the knives. They are hand made by skilled craftsman, many of whom were trained by the original craftsman years ago. Each of the knives goes through a multi step process and is checked and rechecked for any imperfections along the way. This ensures that the knife is of the highest quality when it leaves the factory. What this means is that the knives are the best possible tool you can have to work you craft.

The best thing is that you do not have to be a professional to purchase this wonderful kitchen cutlery. It is definitely not on the inexpensive side, but if you are looking to purchase a set of knives to last you a lifetime or maybe even more than these are the knives for you. I have tried everything, and I now bring these knives with me to whatever job I am working at. Get one today and see what a truly great knife can do.

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