Best Nonstick Cookware To Be Handled With Care

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The coating used in the cookware industry for the best nonstick cookware is made either from a silicone base or a fluorocarbon base. The coat is applied in two or three layers and then covered up with one or two layers of non-stick material, plus a topcoat. This is how the interior coating of any nonstick cookware is made.

The best nonstick cookware will have an enhanced quality of the liquid coating, which means that there are different quality levels in the formulas of the liquid coating. The number of layers of the coating and the thickness of the coating also add to the quality of the best cookware set.

Naturally the biggest advantage of nonstick cookware is the considerable ease in cleaning and the reduction of grease content in the cooking. But even the best nonstick cookware has its disadvantages, like being damaged by spatulas, spoons and metal forks. This makes the durability of even the best nonstick cookware short. The manufacturer’s instructions on using and caring for your nonstick cookware should be followed very carefully. Otherwise, even the newest and best nonstick cookware will begin to lose the resistance of its nonstick coating after only a few years.

How To Choose

In spite of following all the cooking and cleaning instructions, nonstick cookware could start losing its coating in a short period of time. Hence, to make sure that your best cookware set has the best nonstick coating, you must know what to look for when you are buying nonstick cookware. A good nonstick finish of the coating should be absolutely smooth, implying that all the layers have been sprayed in the correct sequence and properly cured. If there are tiny ridges, it is an indication that there are not enough nonstick layers. Actually the very best nonstick cookware in the world has seven layers. The color of the coating should not be shiny, because that means it has been coated with silicon, which does not react well with animal fats.


For cooking in the best nonstick cookware, you need very little oil; hence it is easier to use a cooking spray for the oil instead of pouring from a can or a bottle. Always cook on low heat, as it is advisable not to overheat the nonstick cookware. Also, the use of wooden spoons for cooking is imperative, otherwise the coating can get damaged. You can use plastic, rubber, silicon and wood utensils when you are cooking.


Once you have bought the best nonstick cookware, you not only have to cook in it with care, but clean it with care too. No harsh detergents or steel pads should be used, just clean with some soft scrubbing pads, warm water and a mild detergent and your best nonstick cookware will definitely last you for many years.

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