Link Between Aluminum Cookware And Alzheimer’s Disease

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There is a growing concern of using aluminum cookware, as it is believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

A recent study brought dread and concern to millions of people using aluminum cookware. It is theorized that using aluminum cookware can trigger Alzheimer’s disease. Take note that we are talking about high contents of aluminum to have a significant effect on the body.

As an overview, Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative type of illness, and usually terminal. A person infected with it experiences dementia. He forgets the names of his loved ones and other important memories. It is caused by a lot of interacting factors like drug side effects. But more recently, it is also linked with the intake of high amounts of aluminum. And they point to aluminum cookware as the culprit.

For many years, people already know how aluminum salts can leach from a pan or pot and onto the food being cooked, especially if it is acidic. This is the very reason why aluminum lined cookware is strictly prohibited in some countries like France, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Brazil and Switzerland.

Although it is still allowed in the US, many of their aluminum cookware is now lined with non stick coatings. Aside from this, most aluminum cookware is anodized. This means aluminum components were dipped into a type of hot acid bath, sealing it and changing its molecular structure.

Aluminum foil leaching is proven to be true. The logic behind this is that aluminum foils are produced when aluminum passes between pressurized rollers.

Aluminum is the third most abundant element. It is unavoidable that when we eat, drink or breathe, we constantly take in small quantities of this element. There is nothing to worry about because our bodies are adapted to remove it again. Studies reveal that only as little as .001 of aluminum is present in our digestive tracks. Our kidneys also immediately excrete the aluminum absorbed by our bodies.

The dilemma now lies in our changing world. With industrialization, pollution and all other natural hazards present in the environment, we are becoming more exposed to excessive amounts of aluminum. In fact, Alzheimer’s is just one of the many diseases we can get from excessive absorption of aluminum.

Alzheimer’s is triggered by many factors, not just aluminum. And if aluminum content is the concern, it is found in greater quantities in water supplies. It is therefore inconclusive to avoid aluminum cookware to prevent Alzheimer’s.

However, the direct link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease is still ongoing several tests to ascertain theories. And for much concern, Alzheimer’s is brought about by a lot of other factors.

It is a given that aluminum is one of the most popular element used in manufacturing kitchen items. Its lightweight characteristic is perfect for easy manipulation and maneuverability of several kitchen tools and utensils.

The important thing to remember is to always be safe in the cooking methods we practice. Because any material, aluminum or otherwise, can be causes of diseases if we are not careful.

There is practically a certain degree of hazard in any kind of material used in kitchenware. Copper can rust and contaminate food also. Other metals like iron are also easily corrosive. So they are actually not any different with aluminum.

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  1. Great post. I thought I read somewhere that they no longer believed there was a connection between aluminum cookware and Alzheimers.

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