Other Uses For a Cast-Iron Cookware Set

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Have you looked at the cost of a cast-iron cookware set lately? It looks like the budget for a Third World country, doesn’t it? But a cast-iron cookware set, properly taken care of, can not only be the last cookware set you would ever need, but your kids would ever need. But, if you're going to plunk down that much money for cooking utensils, whether it's bare cast-iron or porcelain cast-iron cookware, you want to get your money's worth. Here are other uses for your really expensive cookware.

Weight Training

Although modern enameled cast-iron cookware sets are lighter than their all-iron ancestors, they still can pack a wallop when you want to pick them up – particularly if they are full of homemade chicken soup. Why invest in expensive weights for your workouts and basic body building when you can just lift a cast iron cookware set multiple times? If you really want to feel the burn, bench press a Dutch oven with the chicken soup still in it.


Every now and then, you just need to pound something into the dirt (literally and figuratively). Perhaps you need to hammer in tent pegs or garden stakes. But you have forgetting you hammer – or, your hammer's handle has a crack in it, making it too dangerous for use. Never fear. Just pick up a piece from your cast-iron cookware set (preferably a frying pan) and WHAM, your problems are solves.

Recipe Book Holder

The problem with a lot of recipe books is that they are in books. Books are great – but not when in traditional binding. Unless the cookbook is spiral, bound, it will not lay flat. So, you have to either write the entire recipe out by hand in order to use it or you could lay a piece from a cast-iron cookware set in order to keep the book from springing shut. They also don’t move when you create a breeze racing into the kitchen to put out a fire or handle some other cooking misadventure.

Self Defense

This is actually the best reason to get cast-iron cookware sets. It's not for cooking – it's for down intruders, ex-boyfriends and, quite possibly, marauding black bears. In the case of the latter, just give the bear all of the food inside of the pot and he'll eat happily and then go away. But with people, you need to slam them in the head first and then ask questions later. Not that they can reply, but that's not the point.
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