The Useful Kitchen Utensil

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A kitchen utensil is a device or utensil commonly use din the kitchen in cooking, preparing and, sometimes, serving food. There are a lot of different kinds of kitchen utensils which are necessary in daily cooking and food preparation. Sometimes, the kitchen utensil is specific to certain cultures and regions in the world from which they have originated such as the Chinese cooking utensil, the wok.


A knife is something that a cook must have several in the kitchen. There are a lot of different kinds of knives and each has their own specific purpose. This kitchen utensil is used to chop, slice, fillet, debone, score and many others. Cleavers and other bigger types of knives need to be sharp enough to cut through bone in a single stroke. There are also knives that are used at the table such as steak knives, butter knives and carving knives.

Slotted Spoons And Spoons

Both of these kitchen utensils are necessary in cooking, especially when preparing foods that have liquid or soup. The spoon kitchen utensil is handy for soups because it can scoop up the mixture and help stir it. On the other hand, the slotted spoon kitchen utensil is great when you need to get something from the soup. The slot in the spoon serves as a drain into which the soup falls through, leaving the item you desire o the slotted spoon.


Tongs are another kitchen utensil that one can definitely not miss to have in the kitchen. These are not only great for grilling or frying meat but also great for mixing salads (if you do not have salad forks) and even serving the salad. This multi purpose kitchen utensil can do a lot of other things which may be out of its official description. Tongs can be handy for deep frying not only meat but also other food stuffs that you need to grip steadily.

Cutting Board

This kitchen utensil is necessary in order not to damage your counter top. The cutting board of chopping board is usually made of wood or plastic. This utensil should be able to withstand deep scoring and even strong bangs and whacks when a cleaver is used on it. The cutting board is also used to chop or dice vegetables, fruits and other foods.

There are a lot of useful utensils which one will really find handy with several different uses. A kitchen utensil is more important if it is multipurpose and sturdy enough to last a long time.
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