The Wok: A Chinese Cooking Utensil

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The wok is a Chinese cooking utensil that has seen centuries of use. It is a vessel commonly used for cooking and preparing food in Asia. The wok should have a rounded bottom that should sit snugly unto the flame, although, some woks conceptualized in the Western hemisphere have rounded bottoms to better utilize electric stove burners. This Chinese cooking utensil is usually used for stir fries but can also be utilized for other cooking methods. These methods include deep frying, steaming, braising and many others.

Wok Material

The wok is made entirely from metal, the original being cast iron. The cast iron wok is heavier than the western ones which are made from light steel or other kind of metal. The original wok may take on a blackened appearance when it has been used for years. This Chinese cooking utensil has two kinds of handles. One type of wok has a stick handle which extends from the wok outwards up to more than a foot long. This kind of wok is great for stir frying. The other type of handle for a wok is the loop handles. The wok with looped handles is the Chinese cooking utensil of choice for most traditional Chinese restaurants although the wok with the long handles is also popular.

The wok is originally from China but is now found all over the world due mainly to its usefulness in the kitchen and its versatility in cooking methods. This Chinese cooking utensil is usually used with a long handled cooking utensil such as a ladle or a spatula. The wok can be and indoor or outdoor cooking utensil, especially handy for its versatile use. This versatile Chinese cooking utensil is great to bring for camping since it can serve as a different pot or pan depending on what you wish to cook.

Decorative Woks

There are also some decorative woks which come in light, shiny materials. These types of woks are commonly used to serve the food. They are also usually smaller than the average wok since they will usually contain foods that are good for a table for two to four people. This Chinese cooking utensil can also be used in the garden for decorative purposes. Many small fish ponds consist of the larger sized woks which can reach up to two meters in diameter. These serve as great ponds since many of these are deep enough to house several fish without risk of the water heating up and killing the fish under the sun.
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