Using A Cast Iron Griddle To Tell The Future

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Many people have had psychic abilities, particularly precognitive abilities. Although a revered power many thousands of years ago, most of today's major religions forbid it. These restrictions are easing up in mainstream Christianity and Judaism today. But, even a hundred years ago, to be discovered as a woman who could tell the future would have lead to you being ostracized by the community. These people didn’t see the future in crystal balls – they saw it in everyday items like a cast iron griddle.


Being able to glimpse the future through use of a tool is called "scrying". Although tea leaves, Tarot cards and crystal balls are perhaps the most infamous of scrying tools, you can also use an inky black object like a cast iron griddle, particularly if it is used regularly for cooking and not just wall decoration. A seasoned cast iron griddle has even coloring that can help your subconscious awaken after gazing at it a while.

The main gist of scrying with a tool like a cast iron griddle is to relax your conscious, logical mind and let your intuitive, imaginative mind take charge. If you've ever seen shapes in the clouds or in a campfire, then you already know the kind of skills you need to tell the future by gazing at the back or the inside of a cast iron griddle.

Empty Or Full?

There isn’t any one correct way to tell the future with enamel cast iron cookware. Some people like to hang a pan or griddle on the wall and stare at it. Some prefer to fill the cast iron pot with water and gaze. Some like to heat up their cast iron griddle and splash some water inside, watching the shapes that arise from the bouncing drops and the steam. Try many different ways to see what method really clicks with you.


Scrying takes a surprising amount of energy for many people. Some people can see the future effortlessly, but for most of us it takes a bit of work. It's best to look at the future of other people and not yourself, because you will be too worried about your own future to see anything accurately.

Many people like to pray or wear a protective charm when they scry with a cast iron skillet. You might just like to imagine a shielding white light around you. Even if you don’t believe in God, it's good to pray that what you see is accurate and not more than you can handle.
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